Daily Inspiration 08/05/09

Here is your daily inspiration for 08/05/09:

Don’t give up! You are close to a breakthrough, close to your blessings. In this taciturn economy where jobs are scarce, money is low, health insurance is high, and morale is low, it is easy to just quit…to throw the towel in, become numb, and develop a cavalier attitude about everything and everyone, but think a moment.

Remember the 90s? Clinton was in the office, the economy was booming, people were throwing money away, and jobs were plentiful. But some didn’t remember God and gave themselves the credit for their fortune. God wants us to need and depend on Him. Self-sufficiency and independence from Him is not want He wants. He doesn’t want us to be paupers, but He does want us to acknowledge where our Help, seed, blessings, favor, and grace come from.

So the next time the devil puts the thought in your head to give up, you talk to God. You thank God for previous blessings and blessings to come….because our tomorrows are always better than our yesterdays. Your future is ahead of you, not behind you. Get with God and chart a new course. Closed doors, failures, and rebirths are always opportunities for growth and expansion.

Chin up,


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