Daily Inspiration 8/07/09

Here is your daily inspiration for 08/07/09:

Someone asked me today what it meant to truly submit to God, and when I thought back to my own experiences, my answer was: True submission means to trust, have faith in , and believe in God from your heart and soul…to relinquish everything that you hold dear and necessary to Him, and believe that what ever He has for you is better than anything you can come up with on your own. My passion is writing, but I told God that if my desire to write didn’t line up with His desire for me, then I asked that He remove the desire to write from me. Let me give you some background information…I’ve been writing since I was 6 years old…it has always been my dream to write. Writing is the only occupation I’ve had as an adult. But, if the desire to write doesn’t come from God, then I don’t want it. I believe that is true submission. The second part of submission is to put action to the trust, faith, and belief…and action is obedience, living in the Spirit, and aiming with all of your heart to do what God tells us to do.

But none of that matters if you cannot hear God speaking to you. Initially, I had to lower the noise in my life just to strain to hear God. But to hear God without strain, I had to spend time with Him, seek Him, and go to Him first. I spend time reading His Word. I speak to Him first every morning before my eyes even open good. Multiple times during the day I pray to Him for guidance, and even more, I thank Him continuously.

Submitting to God isn’t loosing yourself, on the contrary it is gaining a better, wiser, more powerful you. If your relationship with God isn’t good, nothing else in your life is going to go right. Put God first, believe and trust in Him, seek His guidance BEFORE you make moves, and spend time with Him to get to know Him.

I have more peace, calm, joy, love, and success as a submissive child of  God. My joy, optimisim, hope, and blessings are because I don’t have to deal with the world. I go to God and He deals with the world. Allow God to spearhead your life. Submit to Him and be at peace no matter what is going on in your life or around you. Peace comes from within.


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