Daily Inspiration 08/14/09


from┬áPamela Reeve’s Overcome Your Worry, Handling Fear and Anxiety

“Do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about its own things. Sufficient for the day is its own trouble.”

The provision of our God covers the past, the present, and the future. Peace comes from the possession of adequate resources.

God can keep our minds at peace, even as He’s promised, because we have adequate resources to take care of the sin and guilt of the past. We have the cross of Christ…

We have adequate resources for the present: The great Resource, the Holy Spirit, who will give us the wisdom we need, the enablement we need, and the control we need–all that we need for the present.

…We have the adequate resources for the future if Christ is our Savior.

…All worry is basically distrust in the character and might of God. Exercising faith in God is the antidote to worry. Faith is believing that God is good.

…Are you worrying about something coming up ahead: Lack of finances, failing health, loss of friendship? Keep filling your mind with the truth–God knows all about it. He has all the power to handle it for your good, and because He loves you so, He will.

Dr. Charles Stanley on Anxiety


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  1. Leisureliving, I guess all of us need maximize our effectiveness so we can make sure we are morally and spiritually aligned with our Creator and we are living in accord with the covenants our Creator has offered us. It is not enough that we believe in Him, we must also believe Him and live accordingly. Respectively, that requires us to learn the Law and apply it. When we do, we will win, that is His promise and throughout time those that follow Him have proven He always keeps His promises, even when all else fails.