Daily Inspiration 08/16/09

Beacons of Light in Dark Times

As Christians we are supposed to do more than just get saved and expect God to prosper us. God chose each of us for a special purpose, and that purpose has to do with uplifting and widening His Kingdom.

We are made in God’s image, and His light is inside of us. In darkness (for example, this recession), we are to be the light for others. We are to live with integrity and represent God…not by being judgemental, condemning, or holy. We are to use the fruit of the Spirit to bring others into the Kingdom, spread God’s hope and joy, and love.

We are examples of God to others. We cannot wait for our pastors, the church, and president Obama to fix things. We are the church. We are leaders. We must be obedient, pray, praise the Lord, read God’s word, encourage others, help others, and do God’s work for Him.

Go out today, and let God’s light shine through you. Tell someone how good God is, how forgiving He is, how His mercy and grace sustains you, and how you are not worried because God is in control. Shine your light.

Many blessings,


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