Daily Inspiration 08/18/09

I am Grateful!

Today is my wonderful husband’s birthday. I am grateful to God for blessing me with such a great man. Marriage is hard work but there are no words that accurately describe the rewards. I am grateful to God for being the foundation of our marriage. Two different people, in the same dwelling, combining mind, body, & spirit is a daunting task, but when you have a husband who submits to God, believes in God, and seeks God for direction, you learn to pray when tumutuous times reach your doorstep.

Happy Birthday my handsome, intelligent, wise, sexy, Godly husband. You are my blessing.



One response to “Daily Inspiration 08/18/09

  1. somethingtosayaboutthat

    Thank you Trina my Godly, lovely wife. God has given us both a tremendous blessing, may we always walk in it holding GOD’S hands.