No Fear Here

No Fear Here!

By Pastor Creflo Dollar

When you read the newspaper headlines and latest media reports, does it sometimes seem as if the world is caving in on itself? Well, it is. Financial crashes, escalating gas prices, violence, terrorism, and uncertainty are the norm today. It is the enemy’s job to get you to focus on the things happening around you; to get you to listen to words of fear and despair so he can bring the very things you fear to pass in your life. It sounds like a dirty game, but Satan does not play fair. When it comes to fear, your ignorance of this powerful spiritual force can actually cause bad things to happen in your life. You cannot afford to harbor fear on any level, and there is no better time than now to eradicate it from your mind and heart for good.

What is fear? It is a spiritual force, just like faith. Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. Fear is the substance of things not hoped for, and the evidence of things not seen. You see,faith and fear operate by the same spiritual laws. One is the reciprocal, or opposite, of the other.

To better understand faith and fear, you must comprehend the platforms from which these forces operate. Everything in the Kingdom of God operates by love, and since faith works by love, it is love that forms a foundation for faith. On the other hand, the world system operates by selfishness. Therefore, fear can only stand on a platform of selfishness.

To get rid of fear, you must first address any areas of selfishness in your life. Even a fear of heights or of danger is tied to selfishness. When you are afraid for your safety, it is as if a switch in your spirit is turned on that signals a self-preservation mechanism. When you are concerned with preserving yourself, you have essentially crowned yourself god and rejected the divine protection of God. When this type of fear is in place, you actually connect yourself to the very thing you fear.

Understand there is no such thing as a “little” fear being okay. God puts those who are fearful in the same category as liars, murderers, and whoremongers! To be a Believer and harbor fear in your life is a slap in God’s face. He has given you direct access to every spiritual blessing in Heaven—from finances to protection. You have nothing to fear!

Also, realize fear is a foreign spirit that does not come from God. If you are ever afraid of something, you can have confidence that the fear is coming from Satan. A Christian’s reborn spirit does not produce fear, so if fear comes, it is an attack of the enemy against your soul. His objective is to introduce fear to your mind so it makes its way to your spirit. When this happens, he can bring his plans to pass in your life.

Search your heart for any areas of fear and deal with them immediately. Find the scripture that relates to the thing you fear and begin meditating and continually confessing it. Walk in love toward others so the love of God can drive fear out of your heart and mind. When you operate from a position of love, selfishness is destroyed and fear has nothing to stand on. You do not have to be in bondage to this devilish spirit; as a Believer, God has given you dominion over it!

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Scripture References
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