The Power of Prayer

The Power of Prayer

By Charles Stanley

READ | Matthew 7:7-11

Jesus knew the importance of prayer and practiced it regularly. He often slipped away from the crowds to commune with God. He would receive the guidance and strength necessary to carry on His Father’s work. In teaching about the power of prayer, Jesus promised that God will answer. He used three words to help us pray effectively.

PrayingChildFirst, we must ask. We are to come to God with our requests. In doing so, we are acknowledging both our need and God’s ability to meet it. Jesus assures us that every request will be granted in accordance with our Father’s best for us and others.

Next, we should seek. Sometimes the Lord asks us to get involved in the situation that we’re praying about. We may be petitioning for Him to help us find a new job. He wants us to seek His wisdom and guidance. God also wants us to take practical steps to find what is available. When we obey His directions, God promises to provide the answer.

Finally, knock. In carrying out the Father’s plan, we’ll encounter obstacles along the way. Persistent praying may be required. Knocking implies a level of force being applied so a door will open. Once God presents the solution, we no longer need to ask. When He opens up a path, we should walk on it.

Prayer engages the Lord in the personal lives of men and women and in the affairs of government. It is the way we experience oneness with our Father and receive the essentials we need to carry out His work.


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