Daily Inspiration 08/24/09

God is Talking

I was bedridden and stuffed in the house all weekend because of perilous allergies. Unable to leave the house, not a big television watcher, and too groggy to read or write I had lots of down time. God used that bad situation for good. He used my allergies to slow me down so that he could talk to me and I could listen.

I spent an enormous amount of time with God this weekend, reading the Bible and meditating with God. I received spiritual uplifting and revelations as I lay in bed propped up on pillows. God employs a number of ways to speak to us:

  • His Word. God uses His Bible to communicate with us. The Bible is our guide for daily living. Pray before you read, and ask God for revelations. Often, God leads you to a scripture or passage pertaining to your need.
  • The Holy Spirit. Dwelling within us to pour truth into our minds, the Holy Spirit is continually present with us. Often we ignore that small nagging, that prompting, which  is invariably God impressing His will in our minds.
  • Other People. God especially uses spouses to pour something new into us or to purge things from us. He also uses friends, parents, Pastors, and other prophets as instruments to speak to us. Sparce, simple, and sporadic words can have a huge impact on us. He also uses us to speak to other people, so we must remain alert and available to God. We must continually study the Word and stay in the Spirit. Sometimes, God uses us without us even speaking. Someone is always watching, and our behavior, decisions, and responses to difficulties speak volumes to people.
  • Circumstances. This is how God spoke to me this weekend. As I was staring out of the window, He poked my spirit and reminded me that I could talk to Him as I lay there. He invited me to pour my angst into His ears and rid myself of it. There are other types of situations that God uses: failures, successes, tragedies, and disappointments. He uses all circumstances in life to speak to us.

We are aware of the many ways that God speaks to us. We must put our spirits in position to hear God. We must prepare our Spirits to hear His voice. Everything God says to us is important and vital to our existence.

Many Blessings,


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