Spondivits Seafood Restaraunt

SpondivitsThe Best Crab Legs in Atlanta are in a shanty looking non-descript spot off of Virginia Avenue in the crux of South Atlanta near Hartsfield Airport.

For 30 years now, Spondivits Sports Bar feeds Atlanta scrumptious, freshly flown in seafood while the patrons cheer for their favorite team or athlete on one of many televisions in the facility. Spondivits appears to be small from the front, but it boasts an indoor area that is decorated with shirts that hold thinly-veiled, duplicitous quotes, NASCAR paraphernalia, and other sports memorabilia. Indoors is well air-conditioned with a long, well-stocked bar as its centerpiece. The outside porch is air-conditioner less but the plastic blinds let up completely, ushering in the cool night air or the warm, bright sunrays. There are fans out there, but make sure you bring your shades and wear linen.

I drive over 15 miles to get the Snow Crab Leg bucket. Vince loves the Fried Lobster BLT Sandwich with fries. I also indulge in the crisp, fresh, and large House Salad for $3.95. It is large enough to share. For $2 more, you can have their Caesar salad.

They also have a Shrimp & Crab bucket, a Lobster bucket, and a Crab bucket with Snow and Alaskan Crab. Also worth mentioning is the assortment of fried seafood. You can get anything from chicken fingers to the catch of theday fried in Spondivits’ delicious, secret batter. The Deluxe Seafood Platter is an enormous feast of Crab Legs, Lobster Tail, Oysters, and Shrimp that you share with two-to-three other people. The Shark Platter is big enough for four or more people, and it comes in two courses: The first course brings steamed Garlic Oysters, Cole Slaw, Tuna Salad, and Garlic Bread.

For the Main course, you get  Steamed Shrimp, Steamed Garlic Shrimp, and King & Snow Crab. Sorry…the Shark platter has no actual shark meat. Surf & Turfs are available with your choice of Filet Mignon or Juicy NY Sirloin.

Such a great, popular place does have its downside though, terribly long waits on the weekends and on some weeknights. They no longer invest in Crab crackers because the patrons stole them all. And I don’t know if they changed cooks, but nowadays, the crab cooker might just over cook the Crab Legs….this didn’t happen in the old days.


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