Daily Inspiration 09/01/09

happyb4workDetermine Your Day in the Morning

What is your first thought each morning? What is the first thing you do each morning? Did you know that Satan is really, really busy in the mornings trying to set the tone for your day. You must beat him to the punch.

depressed01In the early years of this millineum, I dealt with the worse demon that I’ve ever dealt with, depression. Each morning that  demon took over, making it difficult for me to see God or anything good about myself or my life. I woke up each morning looking forward to the time of the day that I could get back in the bed and close my mind in slumber. My first thoughts of the day were of worthlessness, doom, fatigue, helplessness, and fear.

And then one day, God stepped in, and I learned that I didn’t have to listen to Satan’s voice…that I’d chosen to listen to Satan’s voice instead of God’s. I was surprised that I had a choice. Every since then, I wake up in the morning ready to call Satan a liar. My first thoughts of the morning are not on myself, my husband, my business, or my agenda; instead, my first thoughts are of God and His greatness. I thank Him for waking me up, and invite Him to give me His thoughts.

praisingGod02Every morning I say aloud some empowering affirmations. In these affirmations, I am repeating God’s words and reiterating to myself who I am. These are powerful, positive statements that unleash affable actions of self-expression and great expectations for the day, for example: “I am a victor, not a victim. God inspires me. I attract peace, love, and joy. This is going to be a great day!” If you tell yourself when you first wake up that today is going to be a great day, you are setting in motion your actions for the day, painting your environment for the day, and taking control of your life. You must believe that it is going to be a good day no matter what. If you tell yourself first thing in the morning that “something good will happen to you today”, you will look for the good in everything. Positive, empowered, joyful living starts in your mind, takes action through your words, and burrows into your heart. It is a practiced state.

Determine yourself how your day is going to go each morning. Wake up with God on your mind and praise on your lips. Know that each day is a new day full of new favor, grace, mercy, and opportunities. Praise God!

Many Blessings,


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