Daily Inspiration 09/03/09

Notice the Little Things


Trina's Mediterranean Brunch from Sherolyn

Yesterday was my birthday. My birthday is my New Year, and the day when I reflect on the days since my birthday of the previous year. When I woke up yesterday morning and began to reflect on the past year, I was dismayed. As a result of my husband being laid off, the rocky economy, and my job requiring that I take a 10% pay cut, this year hasn’t really been profitable or progressive. One of my best friends, Sherolyn, invited me over to her house for a birthday brunch. When I arrived, I was ecstatic and speechless. She had prepared all of my favorite Mediterranean foods. Her theme was “Everything Trina”. It was such a thoughtful gift. As time passed, and we ate, talked, and laughed, I realized that my friend observed and remembered even the little things about me. She remembered that I like the herb Basil, that my favorite color is orange, my favorite wine, stuff I like to collect, and she even remembered things that I don’t like. I know I tell her most of these little things in passing, but she recorded them in her mind, and made my day perfect.

Dad & Me in Athens, Greece

Dad & Me in Athens, Greece

After having brunch with her, I started thinking like I think that she thinks…noticing the little things. When I focused my attention on the specific and not the general, I realized that I had a very progressive, productive, and fun year. I traveled to the Mediterranean, went on three cruises, and I have a trip to Tuscany planned for the Fall. My husband and I grew closer, got to know one another better because of all of the time we’ve spent together when he got laid off. Two of my trips I took with my Dad, and I got to spend priceless time with him. I also started this inspirational blog and a couple of other Web sites that I pray help and touch others. I have two pet hummingbirds that visit right outside of my office window, and I enjoy seeing the two of them romp around & play!



 I started growing flowers out on my back deck, and discovered a deeper level of self-awareness. These accomplishments I cannot measure monetarily, but maybe I shouldn’t base my progression on monetary items. My relationships have flourished, I’ve learned a lot more about my interests, expanded my horizons and my mental landscape, and enveloped peace and self-acceptance. I started my Yoga career, reconnected with old friends on Facebook that I’d lost touch with, and my friendship with a couple of people augmented and expanded. Vince & I took a Radical Love class that has enhanced our marriage and awareness of one another. So overall, I’ve had a blossoming year.

My Flowers

My Flowers

I encourage you to do as Sherolyn does and notice the little things. They count! I am going to start noticing the little things too. I hope to impact someone’s day the way that Sherolyn impacted mine…just by remembering the little things.

Many blessings,


2 responses to “Daily Inspiration 09/03/09

  1. Thanks Sherolyn! Love you too!

  2. KaTrina-

    What a wonderful comment about your day! It was a sheer joy to do. Because you are not a complicated woman, it is easy to see what your spirit is comprised of: Beauty, Peace, Health and God (not necessarily in that order ;D). I’m glad the journey into your new year was one that is memorable and today I am receiving an incredible gift from you with the enlightenment you captured in your blog. Namaste…..

    I love you!