Act in Faith, Not Foolishness

by Pastor Creflo Dollar

 I am amazed by the number of Christians who act in ways they attribute to faith when in reality they are acts of foolishness. Many times, the disasters that take place in people’s lives are not the result of the devil getting involved, as much as it is the result of people not combining the correct corresponding action with their faith. When we do things that put ourselves or others at risk, we are not operating in faith! To really see the results we are looking for, we must identify what faith really is and the proper actions to take to demonstrate the confidence we have in God and His Word. This does not mean doing something illegal or irrational and calling it faith.

There tends to be a somewhat false belief system about how bible principles work, and how to get things to happen in our lives. The Bible is the manual for living; it is not a magic book. What that simply means is that we cannot expect God to drop money out of the sky or magically cause things to happen for us. Faith is a practical expression of the confidence we have in God’s Word. It involves laws and principles that, when put in motion, will always produce results. However, we must align our actions with our faith to see those things come to pass.

One area where people can get into foolishness is in finances. Let me give you an example. The Scriptures say that God supplies all our needs according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus. However, this does not mean you should write “faith” checks to pay your bills when you know you do not have the money in your bank account! Writing bad checks expecting God to magically deposit the money to cover those checks is a bad decision that could have serious consequences. There are people who call this type of action faith, but it is not. If you do not have the manifestation of the necessary funds to pay your bills, writing checks would not be a correct corresponding action. Instead, you should continue to confess the scriptures pertaining to provision and remain in expectation of God meeting your needs. 

Another area is healing. Faith for healing must be developed, just like anything else. If you are sick with a serious illness that needs medical intervention, do not refuse to go to the doctor because you are believing God to heal you. Instead, get the medicine you need and take it, believing that as you execute the natural side of things, God’s supernatural ability will get involved with your situation. 

 Sometimes we do what I call “overloading” our faith. We overload our faith when we believe for something that is beyond our current faith level. This is where a lot of problems take place. Overloading faith is similar to a person who goes in the gym and tries to lift 500 pounds when they have not worked out in a year; it just won’t produce any results! 

Do not wait until cancer has destroyed your body before you start using faith. In this type of situation, most likely you will be overloaded if your faith is not strong enough. Begin confessing your healing before you feel symptoms in your body, and practice faith on small things like headaches and other non life-threatening discomforts. Faith becomes developed the more we exercise it, so it is important to take time daily to build our faith in the areas of healing, finances, protection, and deliverance. That way, when we are faced with a faith “project,” we will be prepared.

Correct corresponding action is essential to seeing our faith work. God will reveal to us the specific actions He wants us to take in our individual situations. When we hear a specific Word from God about how to act on our faith, we are positioned for ultimate success. 

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Scripture References
James 2:17, 18


One response to “Act in Faith, Not Foolishness

  1. Just sound advice here. Faith is not fear, nor is it foolishness.