Daily Inspiration 09/09/09

Under Pressure: Plant

Times are hard and rough right now. At times, you want to give up, but you know that you cannot. Those are the times when you really need a good message, confirmation of God’s love, faith, and relief. That’s the time that you need something to make you smile, remember, nomoneyand hope. I read this message from Kenneth Copeland yesterday, and it really blessed me. It helped me to remember other times when I was having a rough time, but I still helped others, and my times didn’t seem so rough any more.

If you are having financial troubles due to lay offs and cutbacks, then I assumme that you think that you cannot give. It’s not just about giving money. You can give your time too.  But I do believe in seed time and harvest. We must plant seeds to grow a harvest. One way to plant seeds is to give and help others even when we are downtrodden….especially when we are down trodden.

We can also plant seeds in our minds, which is why we must be very careful of our thoughts, words, and demeanor during this rough time. What we allow our minds to dwell on now, plants seeds for future harvest, and we want a positive harvest, not a negative harvest. This morning I found my thoughts wandering in the wrong direction. I kept thinking about our problems, which made me anxious and angry. I realized after reading Kenneth’s message below, that if I kept dwelling on those negative thoughts, I would migrate away from God. The devil’s objective is to get me to question God and to not believe God’s promises. I thank the Lord for showing me that I cannot for one minute let my mental guard down. I must remember to choose the right thoughts, stay positive, read specific passages in the bible that deal with my specific trial, and give. We must plant positive seeds for a bountiful harvest.


Under Pressure? Plant!

by Kenneth Copeland

“Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.”
(Galatians 6:7)

If you feel like you’re under pressure these days, you’re not alone. Satan is putting more pressure on more people right now than ever before. He’s pressuring us mentally, financially, emotionally and every other way he can. The pressure has gotten so great everywhere that governments don’t know what to do. Businesses don’t know what to do. Families don’t know. Churches don’t know.
But, praise God, Jesus does! He says we can give our way right out from under any pressure the devil brings to bear.
Giving is always Jesus’ way out. Whenever there’s a need, He plants seed! In fact, in Mark 4, He compares the entire kingdom of God to a seed. Just think about the importance of seeds for a moment. Every living thing on this earth came from a seed. You came from a seed. Then you were born again from the seed of God’s Word. Jesus Himself was The Seed planted by God. God sowed Him in sacrifice. He came forth and grew up into many brethren.
So, when Satan puts you under pressure, go to Jesus and let Him tell you how and where to plant. If you’ll do it, that seed will grow up until it breaks the powers of darkness and lack. It will release you from the pressure the devil’s been putting on you.

I’ve seen it happen. When Jerry Savelle first began to work for my ministry, he didn’t have but one suit of clothes and one shirt with a pair of slacks to his name. He wore one, then the other, night after night to every service we held. He didn’t have the money to even think about buying another suit. I’m telling you, he was under pressure where clothes were concerned!

Then he found out about the principle of seed-faith and harvest. So, he went downtown in the city where we were in a meeting and found a fellow on the street who needed clothes and gave him some. Immediately people started giving Jerry clothes. It started in that meeting and they’ve been doing it ever since. Today, there are many preachers in Africa wearing Jerry Savelle suits! (Even if the sleeves and pant legs are way too short!) He’s still sowing and reaping the greatest clothes harvest I’ve ever seen.

If the devil’s pressuring you, don’t panic…plant! Plant your time. Plant your money. Plant the clothes off your back. When your harvest comes in, you can laugh and say, “Hey, Devil, who’s feeling the pressure now?”




Scripture Study:  Mark 4:1-20


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