What Now?

WhatNow091109I love David’s dedication and confidence in the Lord. He was a great, humble man, and I love reading the book of Psalms because he was so strident in his belief and trust in God. He had that child-like faith that gives you peace and is necessary to please the Lord. I wish that I had half of the courage that he had.

“I will praise the Lord who counsels me, even at night my heart instructs me. I have set the Lord always before me. Because he is at my right hand, I will not be shaken.”  Psalm 16:7-8

You may wonder how I come up with the Daily Inspirations. Well, when I am doing my personal Bible Study each morning, I ask the Holy Spirit to give me revelations as I read. I ask God to speak to and through me. So certain scriptures jump out at me, and I meditate on them, and write what comes to my heart. From reading  Psalm 16:7-8, this is what came to my heart:

In John 16:33, Jesus tells us that we will have trouble in this world. Christians, non-Christians, Believers, and non-believers a like experience trials, heartache, pain disappointment, failure, and loss. But as Christians and Believers we have an advantage…God. And we are not supposed to succumb to Satan’s deception of hopelessness, anger, fear, and anxiety because we trust the Lord. Just like David trusted God and exhibited and expressed his trust, devotion, and love in the book of Psalms.

God uses our trials to prepare us for greater things, bigger blessings. And if we lack the dexterity and faith to properly get through those trials (by leaning on and trusting in God), God deduces that we are not ready for the next blessing. If we choose to worry instead of pray, then we are not ready. God is not going to set us up for failure. So even though He enjoys blessing us (Isaiah 30:18), He is not going to give us more than we can handle. We are constantly growing. God is patient. When we grow to the next level, we are blessed accordingly. I like God’s system. I don’t want anything that I’m not ready for because I don’t want to mess it up.

God promises to lead and guide us, to order our steps, and show us the way to go (Isaiah 30:21). He cannot lead us if we are leading ourselves, following the world, or doubting. Jesus stands behind us only to carry us. He is not a follower; Jesus is the leader. When we spend quality time with God reading His word, praying to Him, and listening to Him, we can hear His counsel. In 2004, I was unemployed. It took two months for me to get quiet enough to hear God tell me to apply for unemployment. I’d been fretting and stressing and filling my mind with my problem, so my focus was not on God; therefore, I couldn’t hear Him. But when I hunkered down, quieted myself, stilled my mind, and focused on God, I was able to hear Him. Mind you, I could have had unemployment months before, but I never thought of it myself, and I wasn’t calm and focused enough to hear God’s counsel. When we are fatigued, stressed, and looking elsewhere, we cannot hear God. We must be focused on Him to hear Him. Focus on God by spending time with Him. Don’t just talk to Him. You don’t want to have one-way conversations with God. Listen for Him. Be at peace. Be still. Read the Bible, and before you begin reading, pray first for revelations and guidance. Praising God before you read is also good because it brings God’s presence.

When we meditate on God’s promises, which are outlined in the Bible, and believe and trust in Him, we will not be shaken because we will begin to see things with our spiritual eyes and not our flesh.

During this time of economic upheaval, it is easy for Satan to induce fear, trepidation, and anxiety. And we inturn allow it to seep into our consciousness, which counteracts faith and trust. But if we listen for God’s instructions and feed our spirit with His presence (Bible, prayer, praise), then fear is beaten away by the knowledge of and our trust in Him.

Many Blessings,

© 2009 KaTrina Love Abram


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