The Blooms In Your Mind


Intentionally nurturing the ideas that bloom in your mind can open an entire new world of possibilities.

For over 12 years I’ve been a technical writer, so it is very natural and easy for me to enhance that existing talent. It’s safe; however, to step out and try something new and be willing to admit that I don’t do it well and be willing to fail is courage. 2009 has been a year of new beginnings for me. I’ve done so many things this year that I either thought were impossible for me to do or that I thought were not relevant to the goals in my life, but turns out that they were, for example blogging, writing articles, teaching Yoga, and drawing.

It’s all about blossoming ideas. When ideas bloom in our heads we can either ignore those blooms or nurture them. In prior years, in a different economy, and a different mind set, I ignored blooming ideas…especially ideas about any other type of writing that wasn’t technical. I had become comfortable in the usual, typical, and the stable. This year, God took me out of that comfort zone and grew my spirit and my mind.

I want to encourage you that when ideas bloom in your mind, nurture them, listen to them, research them, try them, and practice them. The Internet brings a myriad of resources to us without us needing to leave our homes or spend money. Don’t do like I did and get complacent, lazy, and content. I’m glad that God finally knocked me upside of my head, so that I could pay attention to the blooms in my mind.

Don’t panic when you get the vision, but not the specific ideas. It’ll come. Sometimes the visions are just seeds to bloom the idea. Keep praying, believing, and moving. Now is the time to entertain new ideas, extend your bed of knowledge, and enhance existing ideas. The only bad idea is one that doesn’t get tried.

Many blessings,

© 2009 KaTrina Love Abram


5 responses to “The Blooms In Your Mind

  1. You only live once. Make it count and make it fun. The best way to do that is let things bloom.

  2. This was really inspiring and challenging….spoke(ministered) to me in more ways than one…. keep blogging….I will definetely keep reading:))

    • leisureliving

      Thank you Venus. That is one of my favorite posts of this month. I hope that you do keep coming by.

  3. Great advice! I believe that nurturing our ideas is one way of utilizing God’s given abilities to us.