Blogalicious Conference 2009: Informative and Inspiring

by Trina Love Abram

BlogaliciousSiteBadgeHave you ever taken a class, heard a sermon, gotten some wise advice, or attended an event that totally changed your outlook or your life? I have, and the latest life-changing event that I attended was the Blogalicious Weekend Conference here in Midtown Atlanta at the W Hotel.

A consortium of women bloggers crowded the second floor of the swank W Hotel in Midtown Atlanta this weekend. An array of races in varying hues bustled excitedly from room to room soaking up the meals of blogging knowledge that this conference served up on a sparkling silver platter.

The event founders cleverly call themselves the Three Justices, three savvy, smart, and gracious young women with a passion for blogging and social media and helping others fulfill their dreams of successful blogging. Justice Fergie, Justice Joesie, and Justice Ny provided a wealth of information using some of the best bloggers in the business as the conduit. It was phenomenal. The Justices are all attorneys,  mothers, and wives. Between the three of them they have seven kids, hence the special theme of the conference, which was blogging women of color. Most of the speakers were mothers who passionately split their time blogging, wearing their Supermom capes, and being wives.

I started blogging about three months ago. At The Leisure Living Blog, I write about my biggest passion, blooming prosperous souls mentally, physically, emotionally, and financially through Yoga, cognizant positivity, and spiritual inspiration. The Writing Land is a more personal blog about my non-fiction, creative, and technical writing journey, goals, setbacks, and accomplishments. With being such a novice blogger, the conference was like a huge gift box with tons of prizes stuffed inside. Every layer that I unwrapped contained an even better prize than the previous layer. The sessions that I enjoyed were: Upgrade You, Taking Your Blog to the Next Level, Style Online & The Multicultural Blogger, The Art of Small Business Blogging, and Secrets of a Successful Blog. Mama Niri, Cordiva from SheGeeks, Frugalista, and Xochitl Gonzalez from Always a Blogs Maid are some of the blogger panelist that I got to meet and enjoy at the conference.

With the assurance that you will attend the 2010 conference, which will be in sunny Miami, I want to share some tips that I learned at the conference:

  1. Be passionate and authentic in your writing. Every speaker stressed the importance of being honest, transparent, and enjoying what you blog about.
  2. Do your research. Check your facts.
  3. Be consistent. Make a schedule and post regularly so that your readers know when to expect new information.
  4. Share. Link to and refer readers to other blogs. There is enough fame and fortune on the information highway for us all.
  5. Comment. Leave comments on other people’s blogs. You want comments on your blog, so reciprocate. Pay it forward.
  6. Set goals for where you want your blog to go. Use your own personal definition of success to track your progress.
  7. Use Social Networking Tools and Media, for example, Twitter and Facebook, widgets and plug-ins.
  8. Write Right. Grammar and spelling errors can be distracting, which will detract from your intended meaning. Use correct grammar and spell check.
  9. Develop your own brand and design that represents you, your blog, and subject matter.
  10. Be creative. Don’t mimic others; instead, use others as examples, and build your own blogging landscape and presence.
  11. Find your own voice. It’s more work to pretend, so just be you. Have your own sound.
  12. Know who your audience is and know what they seek. Then speak to them when you write.
  13. Keep abreast of the technology that is available to bloggers.

In addition to these tips, the speakers provided us with tons of technology and software suggestions to help us take our blogs to the next level, streamline the process of updating content in multiple places (single sourcing), and get site statistics.


We received an array of gifts from the conference sponsors. Even the table centerpieces at breakfast, brunch, and dinner were composed of free gift elements that the sponsors encouraged us to take. These women did a wonderful job.

Blogalicious was informative, but it was also inspiring. The dedication and determination of the experienced bloggers was impermeable. The speakers’ transparent stories about where they were then and where they are now lent validity and plausibility to the thoughts and dreams I’d had about blogging and being an Infoprenuer. They all had the attitude that “If I can do it, You can too…and here’s what you need to do to get started.” Inspiring! In her Keynote speech, Karen Walrond encouraged us to “make our different beautiful.” She chronicled her blogging experience and gave us tips that’ll keep us from stumbling on our own journey. Author Denene Millner‘s took us through her personal journey, reminding us that divine intervention is present at every turn. 

Already I’ve updated the design on my blog site, created a brand, set a posting schedule, and started a Twitter account. I was so pumped when I got home, that what I could immediately do, I did.

I really enjoyed meeting the other bloggers, networking, making connections, and hearing success stories. I didn’t meet not one person that wasn’t eager to learn or eager to teach. It was spectacular. We swapped knowledge, stories, and smiles. And that’s what it is all about, exchanging information and bringing along others as you climb. I want to thank the Justices for the best conference that I’ve attended in the last couple of years. The entire conference was deftly structured, organized, professional, and fun. I welcomed the contagious kinetic energy coursing in every room. The Food was delicious. The staff was gracious. The information was priceless. The inspiration is long lasting. Keep your online ears to the screen for information about Blogalicious 2010 in sunny Miami, Florida. You don’t want to miss it.


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© 2009 KaTrina Love Abram

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  3. I am so happy that you had a good time. Hopefully we’ll see you next year!

  4. Hey Trina,
    This was a great post. And I will so be in Miami next year. Sounds like a wonderful experience. BTW, I love your new banner and the comics.

  5. Wow, what a great summation. Isn’t it wonderful to go to a conference and feel like you got something worth your money and more? Thanks for sharing.