Yoga Pose Series:Legs up the Wall Pose


Legs up the wall pose is a restorative, submissive, passive pose that enables you to surrender your thoughts to peace.  It is an inversion pose that helps you to rest and center and improves blood flow to your eyes, ears, and brain. It also eases anxiety, headaches, and depression. I usually do this pose after a vigorous Yoga Flow class to warm down, before I go to sleep at night to calm my mind, or anytime during the day when I need a mental break. It is a great pose for centering and calming.

Preventing Injuries

Use caution if you have neck or back problems. If your toes, feet, or legs begin to tingle, bend your knees, and slide your feet down the wall. Because this is an inversion, it is not recommended to practice during your menstrual cycle; however, some maintain that the pose eases menstrual cramps.

Getting Your Lets Up the Wall

*You want to be as close to the wall as possible. The wall is your support. If you are not close enough, bend your knees, and scoot your bottom towards the wall.

  1. Lie on your side on the floor with your knees bent. The side of your thigh, the bottom of your feet, and the side of your bottom are touching the wall.
  2. Turn on your back with your knees still bent, your bottom touching the wall, and the bottom of your feet touching the wall.
  3. Slide your feet up the wall until your legs are fully extended. The back of your thighs and your bottom are touching the wall. Your back, shoulder, and head are lying on the floor.
  4. Gaze at your feet, which are not pointed or flexed, but they are parallel to your head.
  5. Extend both arms out to the side on the floor or place them on your abdomen with your palms facing down.
  6. Breathe deeply and easily.

What You Will Feel

You will feel a stretch in your hamstrings, lengthening of your torso, opening of your chest, and stretching in your neck.

*Disclaimer: As with any exercise regimen, consult your doctor or physician before you start. The Leisure Living Blog, its contributors, or listed resources are not responsible for any injuries.

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4 responses to “Yoga Pose Series:Legs up the Wall Pose

  1. You know I love this pose! Great post!

  2. o.k……now “this” I will try…lol…gotta start off slow.

    • leisureliving

      It’s a very soothing pose. You’ll enjoy it…especially if you sit at a desk or drive most of the day. You can do Downward Facing Dog too…it’s a very theraputic pose as well. I’m just glad you are trying some of them.