Reduce Tension, Strain, & Pain from Computer Use

computertensionMost of us spend more than 45% of our time at a computer on a daily basis, these reminders can help reduce tension, strain, and pain.

Don’t Lean Forward

You probably don’t realize it because you are deeply into what you are writing, but you are probably leaning your neck, head, and upper torso forward towards your monitor or hanging over your laptop. Leaning your neck and your head forward past your shoulders can cause neck strain and tense shoulders. Make a conscious effort to keep your neck in line with your shoulders. 

Keep Your Shoulders Away from Your Ears

Keep your shoulders down and back. Most of us carry stress in our shoulders and between our shoulder blades. Most of the time, we don’t even realize that our shoulders are hunched over in tension. Pay attention to yourself while you are driving too. We often tense up and pull our shoulders towards our ears while driving.

Move Around

Get up and move around at least once per hour. Get the blood flowing through your body. Wake your body up. Sitting for long stretches of time makes us stiff, and at some point, parts of our bodies will begin to protest either in pain or numbness. So pacify the body each hour. Don’t wait until the end of the day or writing session to give your body a break.


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