About Me


Olympic Stadium in Athens, GreeceAbout Trina  

I am a self-proclaimed bibliophile, a  freelance writer, a Yoga teacher, and a Senior Technical Writer and Editor (over 12 years now) for various Information Technology companies. I love to write articles, disseminate information, perform research, and provide helpful, life-changing, and uplifting information to others through my writing and teaching Yoga.   

Plow Pose

Plow Pose


Yoga is a gift from God. It is the love of my life. I receive mental, physical, and emotional flexibility, focus, and wellness with Yoga. It is a magnificent mental activity with physical benefits. Althea at Aerobics Yoga & More is my mentor and a great friend.  

Yoga keeps your body and mind fit, flexible, and healthy. The poses massage your internal organs, loosen your  joints,  lengthen & strengthen your muscles, and settles & sharpens your mind. A steady, safe Yoga practice aids digestion, respiration, circulation, and much more. I implore you to take a basic Yoga class. It will change your life.  

Venice, Italy July 2009

Venice, Italy July 2009


I love to travel and eat good, healthy food; I adore verbs & adjectives, sentence structure, watersports, swimming, watching football, seeing live jazz concerts, and hanging out with my husband, my dad, and my four-legged, barking child Romo.  

Most of all, I love Jesus Christ and nurture a close relationship with him. I strive not to be holy, but to love as God says we should, so I really enjoy encouraging people to live life to the full.

Trina’s Belief for Leisure, Healthy Living  

Love hard, live fiercely, and laugh frequently. Have fun! Dream Big. Expect. Forgive. Leisure living begins with a sound mind and a strong body, which you achieve through a mental balance of work and fun. Our thoughts and words pilot our intentions, which carve pathways of success or failure. Here I write and post articles intended to encourage you to prosper physically, mentally, emotionally, and financially.   
Divine inspiration always births peaceful ideas, choices, and paths. Living a life of leisure starts in the mind and filters through to action.

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